Purposeful Features
Benefiting the Audited
and the Auditor

Shift your organization’s security and compliance
left with the most robust end-to-end compliance
solution on the market.

Continuous Compliance Solutions Designed
for Your Organization

Staying Continuously
Compliant Has Never
Been Easier

RegScale Community
Edition (CE)

1000+ APIs allow for real-time assessments and integrations with your security and compliance platforms.


Build drag and drop workflows to automate your compliance business processes.


Sort and organize your compliance artifacts with simple navigation tools to relate your compliance data.


Quickly build your artifacts without the painful and manual cut/paste processes with a growing library of compliance catalogues.

Audit Scheduling

Schedule audits, track progress, document issues (POAMs), and track corrective actions to closure.

Evidence Collection

Encrypt audit evidence, control testing results, corrective action evidence, and related compliance artifacts through state-of-the-art security.

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RegScale Enterprise
Edition (EE)
Time Travel

View the history of every change to a record, travel back in time to see the changes in compliance, and roll back to previous versions.

Custom Fields

Extend the functionality of RegScale by adding custom fields to each module to match your existing business processes and forms.


Deploy your compliance cloud on premises with support for hosting multiple tenants, customers, or organizations within a single on premises installation.


Single Sign-On (SSO) options, AD/LDAP sync, and collaborate how and where you want with real-time integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams to improve your compliance situational awareness.

Individualized Reporting

Access to a custom PowerBI application/dashboard providing advanced visualization of compliance data within RegScale.

Deployment Flexibility

In addition to the standard Linux container deployment, EE offers a pre-configured ISO virtual appliance for additional flexibility in enterprise environments.

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Rethink Compliance

Simplify Documentation
Wizard-driven experience to generate
artifacts with a few clicks.
Integrate with Everything
Easily ingest and export data with no
vendor lock-in using our open APIs.
Deliver Compliance
Formally schedule audits, document issues,
attach evidence and track corrective actions.

Next Level Features.
Next Level Compliance.

Real-Time Reporting

Review your Security Scorecard in beautiful,
intuitive dashboards. Access advanced report
outs and business intelligence like you’ve never
seen it before with resources like PowerBI™.


Seamlessly integrate external data sources in any
bespoke customer environment. Rely on our growing list of commercially supported integrations in Enterprise Edition including Slack, Teams, JIRA, ServiceNow, Tenable, Prisma, and Wiz.io.


Map your controls across frameworks and
toggle versions of security plans in one central

Deploy Anywhere

All users can seamlessly deploy RegScale in a
Linux Docker Container. There are additional
deployment options for Enterprise users
including an ISO Appliance. Get in
touch with our team to find out more.

3rd Party Risk

Provide a company's supply chain contracts and/or
vendors with a calculated risk score across multiple


RegScale’s familiar notification system uses
@mentions to notify users of new comments,
workflow actions, or News Feed threads for real-
time collaboration.


Authenticate to RegScale using your existing
systems such as Active Directory (AD) or
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) to
maximize your existing security investments.


The Next->Next->Finish wizard-style approach builds
compliance artifacts that map to dozens of related
regulations in minutes.

Compliance Explorer

A Windows Explorer-like feature for organizing
complex relationships between compliance

Custom Fields

Extend the RegScale schema with custom fields to
capture customer-specific data for any compliance


Use out-of-the-box reporting to visualize the
state of compliance against all RegScale
modules, including time visualizations, graphs,
and expired/upcoming lists.


Send compliance notifications to your employees
and stakeholders via email.

Evidence Management

Store compliance evidence on the record that is fully
AES-256 encrypted, MD5 hashed, and available on-
demand for auditors.

Excel Export

Easily export and download your data in Excel for
external processing.

GIS Maps

View the status of compliance with a fly-over
GIS map.


Proactively monitor security by logging all user
activity related to every RegScale record.

ISO Appliance

The most straightforward deployment process
possible. Be up and running in minutes in any
VMware, Hyper-V, or cloud environment.


Customize picklists in forms with your organization's
metadata to align with unique and finely tuned
business processes that rely on collecting specific


Get the power of the cloud behind the user firewall
and allow CIOs to consolidate compliance systems
while meeting the unique needs of each internal

News Feed

See real-time streaming feed of important
compliance events for your organization. Think of
this as the LinkedIn news feed for compliance.

Relationship Manager

Provides the ability to establish non-hierarchical
relationships between records.

Risk Management Framework (RMF)

Align compliance controls and requirements
with their associated risks.


Drive accountability, view progress against the
schedule, and ensure you never miss another
compliance deadline through automated tools for
building audit/assessment schedules or scheduling
recurring audits, data calls, or tasks.

Service Accounts

Allow customers to programmatically access APIs
without the use of usernames and passwords,
thereby improving security.

Slack/Teams Integrations

Collaborate in real-time with other compliance
professionals using your existing collaboration tools.


No need for Visio, build interactive timelines using
our tools to document all related events for a given
RegScale record.


Provide customers the ability to map controls
across frameworks and toggle versions of security


With the vast array of compliance modules available
in RegScale, we provide a simple way to view all
compliance-related deliverables that require your


Automate your manual business processes using
RegScale’s drag and drop workflow builder without
needing an army of
developers and months of programming to meet your requirements.

Ready. Set. RegScale.

RegScale helps you stay continuously compliant with the vast number of growing regulations that govern your organization and industry - all in real-time.