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Enhancing Security through Digital

Join our ecosystem of partners to make the world a safer place through
compliance. No contribution is too small and together, we can all make a
difference and reimagine a better world where compliance is cheaper,
easier, and more effective. 

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Make your compliance data real-time by
leveraging an existing integration or building
your own within our APIs and CLI
Auditors and Service Providers
Maximize profits and win more work using
the RegScale platform to deliver your
compliance services more efficiently.

Professional Services

The RegScale Customer Success team partners with System Integrators and our channel partners to offer a full suite of complementary services that ensure each RegScale deployment maximizes business value for our customers. We give you just enough help to get started on your journey while providing seamless hand-offs to operations teams that can then own and operate the platform


We gather customer requirements and advise on the best installation option for each customer use case. We provide hands-on deployment engineers that can work with customer IT organizations to deploy RegScale either on premises or in the cloud.

Compliance Concierge

We ensure that your installation is configured and loaded based on best practices. Our services include software configuration, AI-based data loading, and DevSecOps integration scripts to customer compliance data.


We offer a flexible set of training options from online documentation, to YouTube videos, to customized classroom training that is tailored to each unique customer's needs.

Featured Integrations

Integrated with the NIST OSCAL
standard to import and load catalogues
(i.e. NIST 800-53) automatically along
with industry first support for free tools
that export OSCAL content against
Version 1.0 of the standard.
Integrated with the MITRE Security
Automation Framework (SAF) to perform
automated assessments against the DISA
STIGS which are then mapped to NIST
800-53 security controls.
Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)
Integrated the CSA Cloud Controls Matrix
(CCM) and Consensus Assessment Initiative
Questionnaire (CAIQ) to create security plans
that are mapped to over 40 cyber security
compliance standards around the world.

Support Beyond the Screen

When you buy RegScale, you are getting more than just software, you are getting software with a service. Our partner ecosystem provides professional services, integrations, and best practices that can further enhance the business value of our platform. Some of our premier partners are shown below

Featured Partners

Risk Cypher
E-Magine IT

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