The RegOps Manifesto

RegScale is creating more than just software, we are starting a compliance movement that is based on a set of well-defined principles that establish a new discipline known as RegOps. RegOps is the combination of cultural philosophies, practices, and tools that increases an organization's ability to ensure compliance of applications and services against regulatory standards at high velocity: evolving and improving compliance and trust at a faster pace than organizations using traditional compliance artifact development and compliance management processes. The RegOps manifesto is shown below:
  1. Regulations exist to maintain our privacy while keeping us safe and secure - we should honor them
  2. Maintaining compliance as a business should be affordable, transparent, and easy
  3. Compliance processes that are boring and repetitive should be automated - it is good for the business, good for the regulator, and good for the employee
  4. Audits should be simpler and less risky for the business
  5. Evidence should always be readily accessible and as near real-time as possible
  6. Producing high quality compliance artifacts should be more profitable for the producer while consuming these same artifacts should be cheaper for the consumer - driving mutually beneficial incentives
  7. Technology will change over time so any solutions must be extensible to take advantage of future innovations and minimize technical debt for the future
  8. Getting started with compliance should be free with the goal of pulling out costs and accelerating business
  9. We should build on industry compliance standards while accelerating their adoption
  10. Do no harm - if the solution doesn't improve privacy, safety and/or security, we should not do it

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