End-to-End Compliance
Data Security

Best-in-class security for the most risk-averse and
demanding environments.

The RegScale Difference

Most solutions are like M&Ms, hard on the outside (i.e., behind a firewall), but soft
in the center (easy to move inside the network). RegScale is a peanut M&M that
is hardened throughout using the latest Zero-Trust security techniques.

Persistent Reconstruction
Say goodbye to patching. We rebuild
new every time, eliminating any zero-
day threats while rotating certificates
automatically, forcing adversaries to try
and hit a moving target.
Uninterrupted Surveillance
Offload all your logs to your Security and
Information Event Management (SIEM) tools
for real-time monitoring with Splunk,
ElasticSearch, or other cloud
We deny all traffic by default, minimize open
ports, and make it extremely difficult to move
laterally by micro-segmenting application
services using Kubernetes' Software Defined
Network (SDN).

About our Security

Depend on a trustworthy environment to protect your sensitive compliance data
with our enterprise-class cyber security.

75% of government agency cybersecurity
programs are "at-risk" or "high risk" with
significant security gaps and a lack of
fundamental processes.

Get encryption at every layer. TLS in
transit, AES-256 for files, and
Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) at
rest for SQL Server.
Prevent SQL injection via strongly typed APIs
and protect against outside alteration before
serving via hashed MD5 files.
Provide real-time fail-over and non-disruptive
upgrades via Kubernetes and other
orchestration tools.

Ready. Set. RegScale.

RegScale helps you stay continuously compliant with the vast number of growing regulations that govern your organization and industry - all in real-time.